Counselling and Academic Affairs

  • Study Counselling

    The objective of student counselling is to support and help you complete a meaningful and high-quality bachelor’s or master’s degree. As a student at Oulu University of Applied Sciences, you are not alone; support with your studies is available through study counselling. Campus study counsellors are responsible for comprehensive counselling, guidance and support services. Tutor teachers, teachers in charge, and the head of studies can all help you with your personal study plan and career planning.

    Contact details for counselling


    Study Counselling

    Learning and studying counselling focuses on the study process. We will give you guidance and support that will help you to recognise your strengths and development challenges as a student and handle the challenges you face at different stages of your studies. We do this, for example, with the help of the personal study plan (HOPS).

    Career Counselling

    Career planning and vocational growth counselling begin at the same time as your studies, with the aim of helping you develop your career planning skills and build a pathway to working life. We support vocational growth, formation of your identity in terms of your skills, and your awareness of how you can use your skills in your future work. You are an active participant in planning your own life and career. Have a think about your own skills, interests, and goals to help you find a place that suits you in the world of work. When drawing up a career plan, you can make use of things such as our career planning tool and update your personal study plan to correspond with your career plan."" opinto-opas="" download_file="" view="" 452"="" data-concrete5-link-lightbox="image">Career planning skills can be viewed using the concept of career planning orientation (figure 1).

    Supporting Wellbeing

    Supporting personal growth and wellbeing means that, when giving counselling, we take the individual’s life situation and life history as a whole into account. In particularly challenging life situations, such as when facing health problems, financial difficulties, family-related situations, substance problems and various other crisis situations, counselling that supports psychosocial development is needed. Issues related to student wellbeing are part of this area of counselling.

    Wellbeing Through Counselling (Ohjauksella hyvinvointia, OHJY) project

    Campus Study Counsellors

    Campus study counsellors have particular responsibility for students who need special counselling, who for any reason fail to stay on schedule with their studies and are at risk of prolonging or discontinuing their studies. A further area of responsibility is guiding first-year students through an induction to their studies and study environment.

    You can book an appointment with Campus Study Counsellor by email, by phone or by sending a calendar invitation. Times are usually available on working days from 8 am until 4 pm.

    You can have the appointment either on campus or online.

    Linnanmaa campus, Business

    Business Economics

    Senior Lecturer, Campus Study Counsellor Erja Korhonen

    050 5213733 (korvaa # -> @)

    International Business

    Senior Lecturer,Campus Study Counsellor Ullamaija Niskanen

    050 3307105 (korvaa # -> @)

    Linnanmaa campus, Information Technology

    Information Technology

    Senior Lecturer, Campus Study Counsellor Leila Karjalainen

    040 1415349 (korvaa # -> @)

    Business Information Systems

    Senior Lecturer, Campus Study Counsellor Leila Karjalainen

    040 1415349 (korvaa # -> @)

    Linnanmaa campus, Media and Performing Arts

    Degree Programme in Communication

    Senior Lecturer, Campus Study Counsellor Erja Korhonen

    050 5213733 (korvaa # -> @)

    Degree Programmes in Music Pedagogue and Dance Teacher Education

    Senior Lecturer, Campus Study Counsellor Ullamaija Niskanen

    050 3307105 (korvaa # -> @)

    Linnanmaa campus, Natural Resources

    Senior Lecturer, Campus Study Counsellor Erja Korhonen

    050 5213733 (korvaa # -> @)

    Linnanmaa campus, Social Services

    Senior Lecturer, Campus Study Counsellor Ullamaija Niskanen

    050 3307105 (korvaa # -> @)

    Linnanmaa campus, Technology

    BuildingServices, Civil Engineering, Construction Architecture, Construction Management and Energy Technology

    Senior Lecturer, Campus Study Counsellor Maria Andersen

    050 4610057 (korvaa # -> @)

    Mechanical Engineering and Electrical and Automation Engineering

    Senior Lecturer, Campus Study Counsellor Heli Huttunen

    050 3814065 (korvaa # -> @)

    Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering, Option of Sustainable Product Development

    Senior Lecturer, Campus Study Counsellor Maria Andersen

    050 4610057 (korvaa # -> @)

    Kontinkangas campus, Health Care

    Senior Lecturer, Campus Study Counsellor Susanna Saarinen

    050 5293936 (korvaa # -> @)

    Kontinkangas campus, Degree Programme in Nursing

    Senior Lecturer, Campus Study Counsellor Ullamaija Niskanen

    050 3307105 (korvaa # -> @)

    Oulainen campus, Health Care

    Senior Lecturer, Study Counsellor Mari Vihelä

    040 6309132 (korvaa # -> @)

    All campuses, Psychological Wellbeing, Addiction and Crisis Counselling

    Senior Lecturer, Campus Counsellor Elina Penger

    050 4352323 (korvaa # -> @)


    Valtti – Completed Degree as a Trump (= Valtti) to the Working Life

    The popular Valtti-groups are arranged every year. In the groups the students discuss matters concerning studies and the student life, challenges and successes.

    Different themes in the groups are for example:

    • Time management and motivation
    • Difficulties in writing the thesis
    • Finishing the uncompleted courses
    • Self-knowledge and recognizing your own competences
    • Graduation and entering working life

    Student experiences about the groups:

    -- experiences --

    Information on groups and appointments for individual guidance in student intranet Oiva »

  • Accessibility in Studies

    All our students have the right to accessible studies. Our aim is to treat all students fairly and equally. The Non-Discrimination Act obliges universities of applied sciences to acknowledge different students. We try to organise teaching methods, and learning and operating environments that serve all students and help them graduate within their target time.

    Physical environment

    The accessibility of our higher education institution’s campus areas (see campus maps) is particularly functional. There are special arrangements for accessibility: 

    • Each location’s parking site has marked disabled parking spaces.
    • The accessible entrance doors of the Linnanmaa campus are the main entrance C and door C5. At Kontinkangas campus, the Louhi building’s main entrance is accessible. At Oulainen campus, the main entrance is accessible. 
    • Each campus has a wheelchair for visitors: please ask the janitors if you wish to borrow it.  The campuses have sufficient room to move with mobility aids.    
    • The ICT services of the Linnanmaa campus can lend visitors an induction loop package that can be used at any facility. The Paasi building of the Kontinkangas campus has facilities equipped with an induction loop. The auditorium of the Oulainen campus has an induction loop.
    • Each campus has several accessible toilets.
    • The campuses have lifts that facilitate mobility.

    Support and guidance

    In our higher education institution, teacher tutors, heads of studies and campus study counsellors provide students with information and support to plan their studies. Our institution’s website contains abundant and clear information to support study planning.

    Students who have difficulties with learning (examples in Figure 1) can ask the teacher for support measures to help complete the study module.

    If you have been diagnosed with a learning difficulty, please contact your campus study counsellor (Figure 2).

    The campus study counsellors plan the most suitable individual arrangements to support studies with the student. Support measures include

    • personal study plan
    • additional time to complete an exam, at least 20 minutes per hour
    • workshops to support the progress of studies
    • lecture materials in advance
    • alternative performance
    • instruction for digital aids
    • opportunity to have oral tests/tasks or to supplement tests orally
    • opportunity to take a test in several parts
    • additional guidance with thesis work, for example
    • Celia services.

    The student’s responsibility is to inform the teacher sufficiently about their situation so that the teacher can provide them with the necessary support. The personal arrangements take into account both the study module’s and the degree programme’s learning objectives. The teacher’s task is to assess the achievement of learning objectives and ensure student equality.

  • Academic Affairs

    Academic Affairs services are available for you throughout your study time at Oamk. You are offered support and guidance in matters concerning study right, academic year enrollment, study documents, outgoing student exchange/ingoing student exchange, insurances and graduation. You can reach us from the Linnanmaa and Kontinkangas campuses' service points and also via online or by phone.  See also our FAQ.

    Please find more information from our presentation video below.

    Order a Study Document

    You can get digitally signed documents 24/7 through Peppi (see ORDERS-title). There are available Study Certificate and Transcript of Records. Digitally signed documents are available immediately, and you can print or forward them as electronic attachments.

    Instructions for digitally signed documents »

    Study Certificate is valid to prove your study right when buying season tickets for the local public transport in Oulu, but not for example to VR or Matkahuolto.

    Transcript of records shows all the courses that you have completed. Transcript of records ordered via Peppi or from Academic Affairs is an official document which is valid to prove your studies to authorities. You can also use it for example when applying for a job or a practical training place.

    Please contact Academic Affairs ( (korvaa # -> @)) if

    • documents cannot be ordered from Peppi
    • there are errors in the document you received from Peppi.


    Certificates Related to Studies

    How do I get a Study Certificate or a Transcript of Records?
    - You can have digitally signed documents 24/7 through Peppi (see ORDERS-title). See the Instructions for digitally signed documents. In case of any problems, please contact (korvaa # -> @).

    How do I get a Kela meal subsidy card?
    - The degree students, exchange students and open university students get a student discount in subsidized student restaurants by presenting a valid student ID or Tuudo´s Student ID. The other students can get a Kela meal subsidy card from the Academic Affairs Service Point. Please see our Academic Affairs Service Point opening hours. If you are unable to visit the Service Point, please contact Academic Affairs (korvaa # -> @).

    How do I get a student status certificate for VR/ Matkahuolto?
    - Oulu UAS Study Certificate is valid to prove your study right when buying season tickets for the local public transport in Oulu, but not for example to VR or Matkahuolto. See more information

    Academic Year Enrolment

    How do I enroll for the next academic year?
    - If you are a continuing student, you must enroll for the whole academic year between 15.4. and 31.5. from Peppi. You can change your presence / absence information during the enrolment period if necessary. You can find more information about enrolment in the study guide.

    How do I enroll for the academic year when I missed the enrolment?
    - Please take contact Academic Affairs and your situation will be checked.

    I have enrolled for the academic year, but I would like to change my enrolment. How can I change presence to absence or absence to presence?
    - If you want to change the enrolment information during the academic year, you must use the Application for Change in Enrolment for Presence/Absence. The application will be returned to the Academic Affairs for the autumn term by 15 September and for the spring term by 15 January, at the latest.

    I have enrolled absent for the academic year. Where do I submit the statutory reason certificate?
    - Deliver the certificate of the reason for your absence by 15 September (autumn term) / 15 January (spring term) using your student email to Academic Affairs ( or visit Study Services at Linnanmaa or Kontinkangas Campus.

    You can find more information about enrolment in the study guide.

    I enrolled for course X last year, but I didn't attend it. Now I would have time for the course, but I can’t enroll for the course again, why is this?
    - Enrolment for the previous course implementation prevents re-enrolment for the new course. Ask the teacher in the previous implementation to remove you from the course. If this does not work, please contact Academic Affairs (korvaa # -> @).

    International Opportunities

    Can I go on exchange during my studies at Oamk?
    - Yes, as an Oamk student you can go on a study or traineeship exchange to Europe or outside Europe. The duration of a study exchange is usually one or two semesters. A traineeship exchange is usually two months minimum. Some degree programs also offer short-term exchanges (1 to 4 weeks). All students going on exchange will be paid a grant. All studies or traineeship completed during your exchange will be accredited to your degree at Oamk, so an exchange should not postpone your graduation. You can find more information in the Study and Training Abroad section of the Study Guide.

    I have underaged children or health issues. Can I still go on exchange?
    - Students who have underaged children, who are family carers, who have at least a moderate functional deficiency due to a disability or a severe or chronic health issue or who have received international protection will be paid an additional grant when going on Erasmus+ exchange. In some exchange programs, students can also apply for a special needs and inclusion grant to cover additional costs caused by their special need such as injury, impairment, physical or psychological illness or learning difficulty. Please don’t hesitate to contact the International Mobility Services to ask more at: (korvaa # -> @).

    When can I apply to go on exchange?
    - It is good to start planning your exchange well in advance. For a long-term exchange (one or two semesters) you must apply in the academic year prior to the academic year when you plan to go on exchange. In November you can apply to destinations outside Europe and in February to destinations in Europe. There is no specific time to apply for the short-term exchanges, you usually apply to them through your own degree program when they are available. You can apply for a grant for a self-organised traineeship abroad at any time. You can find more information in the Study and Training Abroad section of the Study Guide.


    I have completed all my studies and applied for a diploma. Can I get someone to confirm that everything is in order and that I am able to graduate?
    - We will not contact you separately if there are no issues with your application. If you do not hear from us, you can be confident that you will graduate on the day you chose to be your graduation day.

    I am graduating, how do I get my diploma?
    - You will receive your diploma earliest on the next working day following your graduation day and no later than two weeks after the date of graduation. We will send the diploma by registered mail if you have not indicated that you will pick it up from the Academic Affairs Service Point. Please make sure your contact information is up to date in Peppi.

    How do I apply for social and health care professional practice rights when I graduate?
    - Upon application, the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira) grants the right to practice healthcare profession. Apply for licensing to practice your profession immediately after graduation.

    Suspension of Studies

    I want to interrupt my studies, how do I do it?
    - If you want to register as absent, you can do so from the beginning of the next semester. See the study guide for more instructions. If you are considering resigning from Oamk, first discuss the matter with your Tutor Teacher, Study Counsellor or Head of Studies. Fill out the resignation form, sign it and return it to the Academic Affairs. You will find further instructions and a resignation form in the study guide.


    You can contact Academic Affairs via online chat. You can find the chat from the bottom right corner of this page. You can find the chat also on Oiva, Study Guide and Tuudo!

    You are anonymous when you contact via online chat. However, all the conversations are being stored. In addition, Ninchat collects e.g. IP-address, city, country and web browser information. The file description is available from the service provider on request.

    The chat is usually online Mon - Fri 12 - 15. When the chat is offline, you can leave a message, and you will receive an answer by email (Please note, that offline messages are not anonymous).

    Ninchat’s Privacy policy is available on

    As the online chat service is anonymous, you cannot receive any personal data such as transcript of records. All issues that include any personal data must be taken care of in person or via school email.

    Admission Services, Open University and Library offer online chat services as well. Admission chat is available on Oamk's public webpages during application periods. Open University chat is available on and Library chats on and

    Linnanmaa Campus contact information

    Academic Affairs Service Point Luotsi in Linnanmaa Campus:

    Yliopistonkatu 9, 7C, 1st floor. The Service Point is located opposite to the Restaurant Mara.

    Service hours Monday and Wednesday 10 - 13, Thursday 12 - 15

    Tel. (+358) 029 448 9210, Mon - Fri 10 - 12 (korvaa # -> @)

    Service hours and contact information / Outgoing student mobility

    Service hours and contact information / Incoming student mobility

    Kontinkangas Campus contact information

    Academic Affairs Service Point in Kontinkangas Campus:

    Kiviharjuntie 4, Louhi building, 1st floor, Louhi 1194.

    Monday and Wednesday 10 - 13, Thursday 12 - 15

    Tel. (+358) 029 448 9210, Mon - Fri 10 - 12 (korvaa # -> @)

    Service hours and contact information / Outgoing student mobility

    Service hours and contact information / Incoming student mobility

    Academic Affairs Team for Oamk

    Service Manager
    Kempas Eija, 050 317 4620

    Lead Specialists

    Koutonen Kati, 050 563 2626
    Karjalainen Päivi, 050 542 2177
    Vainionpää Markus, 046 923 5147

    Special Designer

    Rajaniemi Jarmo, 050 317 4917

    Education Designers

    Aalto Sirpa, 050 540 4122
    Dehghani Mitra, 040 141 5099
    Fähnrich Bastian, 050 317 4931
    Jussila Heli, 050 436 6034
    Latva-Ranta Minna, 040 141 5736
    Moilanen Minna, 050 301 3837
    Nätynki Piritta, 050 562 7244
    Tauriainen Tiia-Mariia, 050 563 8854
    Tikkanen Laura, 050 4624735


    Kela-Haataja Susanna, 050 479 5268
    Lundström Annika, 050 470 0769
    Ländén Anniina, 040 141 5116
    Nikkanen Mervi, 040 652 6971

    Education Assistants

    Alin Elina, 050 470 9740
    Fitzgerald Katariina, 050 475 4118
    Inkala Anu, 040 141 5734
    Kaukonen Emmi, 050 572 0719
    Kettunen Maarit, 040 141 5715
    Pohjola Raija, 040 141 5733
    Svenström Virve, 040 141 5119

    Staff e-mail addresses are typically in the (korvaa # -> @) format.

  • Study Psychologist

    The study psychologist services are available for degree students of the Oulu University of Applied Sciences.

  • Sport Services

    The academic sport services and other welfare services of Oulu's Institutes of Higher Education are listed on

  • Insurance


    Our students are insured by insurance company If Insurance (IF P&C Insurance Ltd (publ), branch in Finland).

    The student’s insurance coverage includes:

    Statutory Accident Insurance

    Statutory accident insurance for university of applied sciences students is based on the act: Laki opiskeluun liittyvissä työhön rinnastettavissa olosuhteissa syntyneen vamman tai sairauden korvaamisesta 1318/2002. Under this act, the insurance covers accidents that occur during practical training associated with studies. Statutory accident insurance covers accidents that occur during practical teaching in an educational institution and accidents that occur during unpaid practical training in a workplace outside the educational institution. If a student receives salary for the practical training, then the student is covered by the employer’s accident insurance.

    Statutory Accident Insurance for students is valid during studies or practical training abroad if the studies or practical training abroad are part of the student's curriculum at a Finnish educational institution.

    Voluntary Group Accident Insurance, Student Accidents

    Voluntary Group Accident Insurance is valid for activities that are included in the curriculum (including distance learning) and during trips that are directly related to these activities.

    Voluntary Group Accident Insurance is valid for example during theory teaching, exercise classes, breaks and when taking part in activities that are included in the curriculum.

    Directly related trip means the most direct journey to and from a study-time apartment to an educational institution or to activities that are part of the curriculum.

    Accidents, instructions for seeking treatment

    See a doctor immediately or as soon as possible if the injury causes symptoms that do not go away within few days.

    Visit your nearest FSHS (Finnish Student Health Service) or the nearest If partner clinic, for example Mehiläinen or Terveystalo. You can find the If partner clinics from: (In Finnish)

    In case of an accident at practical training, inform the health clinic that you are a student of Oamk and that the insurance provider is If.

    All the compensation matters are handled through Academic Affairs, so in the event of an accident, please contact (korvaa # -> @) as soon as possible.

    Travel Insurance

    Travel Insurance for students is valid during trips that are included in the curriculum. The content of the insurance is described in an Insurance Certificate.

    You can get the Insurance Certificate from Academic Affairs by contacting (korvaa # -> @).

    Travel Insurance and instructions for seeking treatment abroad

    Seek medical help at the destination.

    If partner hospitals and doctors (In Finnish)

    By showing a travel insurance card/certificate you do not usually have to pay the costs yourself. The hospital or doctor should invoice If.

    If you must pay the costs yourself, you can claim the compensation online.

    Instructions and contact information for reporting a claim

    If claims service:

    Telephone (+358) 010 19 17 15 (personal injury) and telephone (+358) 010 515 8203 (luggage).

    In case of an emergency abroad contact SOS International 24/7. Call +45 38 48 89 77.  

    USA, Canada and South America: Global Medical Management Inc (GMMI) 24/7.

    If you call from in the US: 1 800 694 9483.  Outside the US +1 954 308 3901.

    European Health Insurance Cards

    You are entitled to a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) granted by Kela, if you are covered for health insurance in Finland or if Finland is responsible for your medical care costs. The card is available free of charge. Read more about EHIC and apply for the card before you travel at:

    By showing your European Health Insurance Card, you will receive treatment in EU and EEA countries, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Northern Ireland at the same price as the citizens of that country. 

    You will receive medically necessary treatment. This means treatment that cannot wait until you return home.

    You can also get pregnancy-related treatment and treatment for childbirth or for a long-term illness.

    For further information on the EHIC, please refer to the website.

    Liability Insurance

    Liability insurance covers property damage or personal injury to the employer or those outside it when the student is personally liable for the damage.

    You can get a Liability Insurance Certificate from Academic Affairs by contacting (korvaa # -> @).

    Contact Information

    For further information and in insurance matters, please primarily contact (korvaa # -> @)

    Contact person Anu Inkala, tel.  (+358) 040 141 5734 

    Contact person Maarit Kettunen, tel.  (+358) 040 141 5715 

    Contact person Raija Pohjola, tel.  (+358) 040 141 5733