Because of restrictions in travelling and having meetings there is a need for virtual ways to tell people what we do and what are the possibilities we offer. For that reason we decided to make a video, kind of a virtual tour with narrative of our printed intelligence laboratory – PrinLab. With this video you can get to know PrinLab laboratory and its machinery even from your own sofa or office at any time you like if you are unable to travel to Oulu.

PrinLab laboratory is well equipped laboratory for R&D, manufacturing, education and training of printed intelligence. Work done at PrinLab focuses on the development of components and applications and development of manufacturing processes for manufacturing of those components and applications.

In this video we shortly introduce the PrinLab laboratory and its machinery in a form of a virtual tour. More detailed info can be found on our web pages and from the links provided in the video. This video can be used for education and training as a general information of what we can do.

Harri Määttä, lehtori
Oulun ammattikorkeakoulu