Right to study

Every student selected to the School of Professional Teacher Education has three years of study right. If you have started your studies in, for example, 2023, your right to study starts on 1 June 2023 and ends on 31 May 2026.

Academic year registration

The students of the the School of Professional Teacher Education are present throughout their study period until the studies are completed, or until the right to study ends or if they resign. Students do not have to make a separate declaration of presence or absence at any point during their studies.

Continuation of the right to study

Discretionary additional time

If the studies are about to be interrupted before the end of the right to study on 31.5., we will inform you in advance by email about the possibility of applying for discretionary additional time to complete the studies. This extension can be granted for a maximum of six months. Oulu University of Applied Sciences follows the regulation on fees charged for the operation of universities of applied sciences (A1440/2014) and a fee of 50 euros is charged for processing the application. Those who applied for additional time will be informed of the decision by e-mail by the end of May.

Study right based on previous studies

If your studies are interrupted, you can apply for the right to study granted on the basis of previous studies and complete your studies without having to apply again in the national joint application of the Schools of Professional Teacher Education.
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If you are considering leaving the the School of Professional Teacher Education, discuss the matter with your tutor or Amok's study counselling. Fill in the resignation notice, sign it and return it to Amok's study counseling. The student is considered withdrawn from the day he has submitted a dated and signed notice of withdrawal.