Benefits for Students

  • Meals

    As a student in the School of Professional Teacher Education, in the beginning of your studies you will receive a Kela meal subsidy card in accordance with the criteria for full-time employment for the first academic year. The card entitles you to a student priced meal in all student restaurants participating in the scheme – Finland wide.  You can find the student restaurants in Finland on the Kela website.

    Kela's electronic meal subsidy card is not available to teacher education students.

  • Financial Aid

    If you are not a Finnish citizen and have come to Finland for study purposes, the general rule is that you cannot get financial aid from Finland. However there are exceptions. Please visit the Kela website for more information.

    If you are eligible for financial aid the maximum time for the teacher education studies related student grant is 12 months. The support comprises of the grant, housing supplement  and a government-guaranteed student loan. You must apply for the financial aid BEFORE you start your studies. You can receive financial aid starting form the month you have sent the financial aid application to Kela. You can apply for the financial aid on Kela’s web site.

    Another option for financial aid is the adult education allowance or an unemployment benefit for studies. For these options please visit the home page of The Education Fund and the TE Services.

  • Sport services

    Students and staff at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences, University of Oulu and Diaconia University of Applied Sciences in Oulu can enjoy the sports and well-being services of the University Sports of Oulu. The way to get the benefits is to purchase the Sports Pass. The Sports Pass functions as an entrance ticket to sports services, training sessions as well as other welfare services. The pass also gives you certain discounts on some course fees and on services provided by our cooperating partners. The Pass is personal and may not be loaned to any other person. You can set the validity of the pass to run for either one semester, or for the entire academic year. If you purchase a Pass for the entire academic year or spring, the Pass can also be used to participate in summer sports activities. The prices and the locations to pick up your pass can be found at the web pages of University Sports of Oulu.

  • Health Care

    If you have concerns regarding your health and find that you need health services during your studies, please contact your occupational health services or your local public health care. The free healthcare services for university students are intended for degree students.

  • Insurance

    Our students are insured by insurance company If Insurance (IF P&C Insurance Ltd (publ), branch in Finland).

    The students’ insurance includes:

    • statutory accident insurance, which covers accidents that occur while taking part in the unpaid practical training that is included in the curriculum.
    • voluntary accident insurance, which covers accidents in other education than mentioned above. This insurance also covers accidents that occur on the way from home to the university of applied sciences, on breaks and during physical exercise that is included in the curriculum.
    • liability insurance for the practical training period (damage caused to the employer or the property of a third party)
    • travel insurance for students is valid during trips included in the curriculum. Such trips are e.g. trips related to student exchange and practical training.

    The types of insurance listed above do not cover students' own property and leisure time. Students should check if their private insurance is adequate because the above-mentioned types of insurance do not cover, for example, distance learning. In case of damages, students should contact the insurance contact person of their Campus. The contact person will also provide more information on insurances in general.

    Statutory accident insurance

    Statutory accident insurance for university of applied sciences students is based on the act: Laki opiskeluun liittyvissä työhön rinnastettavissa olosuhteissa syntyneen vamman tai sairauden korvaamisesta 1318/2002. Under this act, the insurance covers accidents that occur during practical training associated with studies. Statutory accident insurance covers accidents that occur during practical teaching in an educational institution and accidents that occur during unpaid practical training in a workplace outside the educational institution. If a student receives salary for the practical training, then the student is covered by the employer’s accident insurance.

    Statutory accident insurance for students is valid during studies or practical training abroad if the studies or practical training abroad are part of the student's curriculum at a Finnish educational institution.

    Voluntary accident insurance  

    The insurance is valid at the school premises during actual school time, education, physical education, breaks and when participating in activities arranged within the limits of the school’s curriculum as well as during round trips in direct connection with such activities.

    Also expenses for necessary trips to and from school relating to a compensable accident are compensated as medical treatment expenses when the trip to or from school has been made with an exceptional vehicle due to doctor’s orders.


    Accidents, instructions for seeking treatment 

    See a doctor immediately or as soon as possible if the injury causes symptoms that do not go away within few days.

    Visit your nearest nearest If partner clinic, for example Mehiläinen or Terveystalo. You can find the If partner clinics from: (In Finnish)

    In case of an accident at practical training, inform the health clinic that you are a student of Oamk and that the insurance provider is If.

    All the compensation matters are handled through Study Services, so in the event of an accident, please contact (korvaa # -> @) as soon as possible.

    Liability insurance

    Liability insurance covers damages caused to the employer or the property of a third party during practical training.

    Travel insurance and instructions for seeking treatment abroad

    Seek medical help at the destination.

    If partner hospitals and doctors (In Finnish)

    By showing a travel insurance card/certificate you do not usually have to pay the costs yourself. The hospital or doctor should invoice If.

    If you must pay the costs yourself, you can claim the compensation online.

    Instructions and contact information for reporting a claim


    If claims service:

    Telephone (+358) 010 19 17 15 (personal injury) and telephone (+358) 010 515 8203 (luggage).

    In case of an emergency abroad contact SOS International 24/7. Call +45 38 48 89 77.  

    USA, Canada and South America: Global Medical Management Inc (GMMI) 24/7.

    If you call from in the US: 1 800 694 9483.  Outside the US +1 954 308 3901.


    For further information please, contact: 

    Contact person Sirpa Aalto, telephone (+358) 050 5404 122.

    Information on recommended insurance providers for foreign students studying in Finland.