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Tables and Figures


Table 1Information and Communications Technology Competency Framework for Teachers (ICTCFT)
(UNESCO, 2011, p. 3)
Table 2The most typical tools and apps reported to have in use, or lack of in work-based settings
Table 3Recommendations to consider in future CPD for VET teachers, trainers and mentors


Figure 1Digital competence framework for educators: areas and scope (Redecker, 2017,
p. 15)
Figure 2DigCompEdu framework overview (Redecker, 2017, p. 16)
Figure 3TPACK framework and its knowledge components (Koehler & Mishra, 2009)
Figure 4Designed codes combined with DigCompEdu proficiency level -scale to assist the interpretation of
Figure 5Participants by profiles and countries in SELFIE tool survey
Figure 6Averages and ranges in all competence areas, by all countries
Figure 7Overview of the averages in the leadership area
Figure 8Overview of the averages in the pedagogy and supports area
Figure 9Overview of the averages in Continuing Professional Development area
Figure 10Overview of the averages in the assessment practices area
Figure 11Overview of the averages in student digital competence area
Figure 12Overview of the averages in how digital technologies have supported students in achieving the learning
objectives during the pandemic
Figure 13Participants’ educational field in the Survey of tools -survey
Figure 14Open Badge “Self-Assessment of Digital Pedagogical Competence” tailored for Dig4VET digital
pedagogical training