Friend Families

Welcome to Oamk’s and OSAKO’s Friendship Family program – nowadays known better as BFF -program!

In the BFF-program, international students and students / families from Oulu get to know each other and each other’s cultures in a relaxed and low-key way.  As a Finnish participant, you can join just by yourself or apply as a family – and the diversity of families is also taken into account: couples, big or small families can also sign up! International participants can be both exchange and international degree students. The most important thing is the desire to participate.

The program is called BFF for two reasons – as well as it’s a nostalgic shortening for Best Friends Forever, in our program it also includes terms for all participants: The international students are called Buddies, Finnish students Friends, and families, well, Families.

The program begins every year in January-February when the application period takes place. This year the application is open 12.1.-11.2.2024. You can find the application forms for both Finnish and international applicants from OSAKO’s website.

BFF-program will start running after the matches are made in February, and it’ll last as long as the participants want and decide. Those selected will be notified on the end of February at the latest.

The applicants are matched together based by the applications, after which the activity continues voluntarily and in a completely free form, so you can define what your own activities will look like. 

Any student from Oulu can join. Our goal is to promote the integration of international degree and exchange students. Commitment to Finnish everyday life and culture outside the study environment is an impressive experience for the student. In addition, the Finnish student gets a new perspective and activity in their own everyday life as well. The activities internationalize Oamk and promote openness and community spirit.

Welcome aboard!

If you have any questions, contact the contact person of the BFF-program.

Contact information
Jennika Karppinen
Communications and International Affairs, Student Union OSAKO (korvaa # -> @)
+358 50 3174935