Aquarium exams

Some study modules can be accomplished with aquarium exams. The aquarium exam means that the student can select the date and time of the examination. The student will show his/her knowledge of the set literature guided by the questions found on the web page of the study module. The questions are created so that that successful answers require both the knowledge of the source literature and the student’s own reflection.

The student should create answers for all the questions before the actual examination. When the student feels ready, he/she texts an exam request to the responsible teacher. This text message has to be sent at least 24 hours before the requested time. The teacher acknowledges the request and then texts the questions to the student on appointed time. The answers have to be emailed to the teacher within two hours.

1. When you have prepared for the task (and have answers to all the requisite questions), send an email to your teacher at least 24 hours before the desired starting time.

A) Specify the date and hour when you want to start the examination.
B) Mention the name of the study module.
C) Include your name and email.

2. It would be best to select a feasible time for the examination. The teacher will confirm you the exam date and time. Ask the teacher about the possibility of summer exams. When the time suggested by the student (and approved by the teacher) comes, the numbers of the actual questions will be sent to the student’s phone.

3. The student has exactly two hours to email the answers to the teacher.

4. The teacher then proceeds to check the answers.

Study modules and their examiners

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