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YY00BR00 Concept Creation (15 cr)
Prerequisites Student should have enough knowledge and skills from their own field of studies. Oamk LABs studies are mainly for 3th and 4th year students. Studies are also for unemployed professionals, who want to develop their own expertise.

When enrolling to this course, students are highly recommented to have also the course YY00BR01 Demo Creation, since courses YY00BR00 and YY00BR01 form togehter 30 ECTS module of Interdisciplinary Demo Development Project Studies at Oamk LABs.
Objectives The student describes the initial need/problem/opportunity. He/ she is able to differentiate between solution and problem. The student classifies, compares and analyze current state of similar products or possible competitors and differentiate the problem from different stakeholders point of view. She / he describes the potential users, early adopters. The student creates a viable, feasible and desirable concept. She / he recognizes and compares relevant theoretical knowledge. She / he analyzes the business opportunity based on the current industry state. The student presents and defends the concept and it?s business opportunity according to the set criteria, and receives feedback from industry professionals. She/ he adapts presentation based on the audience. The student communicates with interdisciplinary team members about concepts his/her field. She/he communicates in a team. She/he ecognizes team?s strengths and use them to guide design process. She / he acts responsibly in a team. The student recognizes and analyzes his/her own collaboration and communication styles and skills. She/ he summarizes different ways of giving and receiving feedback. He/she recognizes and explains achievement in learning goals for professional development and recognizes personal career goals.
The student recognizes characteristic of attitude towards novel situations. She / he recognizes his/her own skills and knowledge. The student compares and explains his/her own disciplinary skills and knowledge related to the project
Content Concept development
Problem/Solution Space
Interdisciplinary team
Presentation skills
Critical thinking
Project pruning
Evaluating business opportunity
Recommended optional programme components If necessary, the student advisor will recommend optional programme components for each student based on their individual study plan.
Accomplishment methods workshop
Execution methods Autumn 2019
26.8.-18.10. full time studying

Spring 2020
8.1.-28.2. full time studying
Materials Not applicable
Literature Not applicable
Evaluation Criteria 0-5
Evaluation Criteria
Assessment Frameworks Assessment framework - professional growth
Assessment Framework
Further Information This course can be done as individual course, but it is also connected to other courses of Oamk LABs (YY00BR01 Demo Creation, YY00BR02 Product Path 1 and YY00BR03 Product Path 2). This course is the first part of 30 ECTS module of Interdisciplinary Demo Development Project Studies at Oamk LABs

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Responsible persons Erkki Nuottila, Mika Määttä, Matti Viitala
Links Assessment framework - professional growth
Assessment Framework


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  • 28.08.2023 - 20.10.2023 (YY00BR00-3029 | VAI23S24K, EXY23SGLD, TIK21SP)
  • 26.08.2024 - 25.10.2024 (YY00BR00-3030 | TIK22SP, EXY24SGLD, VAI24S25K)
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