Academic Affairs – FAQ

Certificates Related to Studies

Question: How do I get a Study Certificate or a Transcript of Records?

Answer: You can order digitally signed documents like Study Certificate and Transcript of Records from Peppi 24/7. See the Instructions for digitally signed documents. In case of any problems, please contact (korvaa # -> @).


Question: How do I get a Kela meal subsidy card or a student status certificate for VR/Matkahuolto?

Answer: You can get a Kela meal subsidy card or a temporary certificate of student status for VR/Matkahuolto from the Academic Affairs Service Point. Please see our Academic Affairs Service Point opening hours. If you are unable to visit the Service Point, please contact (korvaa # -> @).


Academic Year Enrolment

Question: How do I enroll for the next academic year?

Answer: If you are a continuing student, you must enroll for the whole academic year between 15.4. and 31.5. from Peppi. You can change your presence / absence information during the enrolment period if necessary. You can find more information about enrolment in the study guide.


Question: I enrolled for course X last year, but I didn't attend it. Now I would have time for the course, but I can’t enroll for the course again, why is this?

Answer: Enrolment for the previous course implementation prevents re-enrolment for the new course. Ask the teacher in the previous implementation to remove you from the course. If this does not work, please contact (korvaa # -> @).



Question: I have completed all my studies and applied for a diploma. Can I get someone to confirm that everything is in order and that I am able to graduate?

Answer: We will not contact you separately if there are no issues with your application. If you do not hear from us, you can be confident that you will graduate on the day you chose to be your graduation day.


Question: I am graduating, how do I get my diploma?

Answer: You will receive your diploma earliest on the next working day following your graduation day and no later than two weeks after the date of graduation. We will send the diploma by registered mail if you have not indicated that you will pick it up from the Academic Affairs Service Point. Please make sure your contact information is up to date in Peppi.


Question: How do I apply for social and health care professional practice rights when I graduate?

Answer: Upon application, the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira) grants the right to practice healthcare profession. Apply for licensing to practice your profession immediately after graduation.


Suspension of Studies

Question: I want to interrupt my studies, how do I do it?

Answer: If you want to register as absent, you can do so from the beginning of the next semester. See the study guide for more instructions. If you are considering resigning from Oamk, first discuss the matter with your Tutor Teacher, Study Counsellor or Head of Degree Programme. Fill out the resignation form, sign it and return it to the Academic Affairs. You will find further instructions and a resignation form in the study guide.